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- at the intersection of reproducible and unique art -


14 June – 31 August

Dana László da Costa, Johanna-Maria Fritz, Ganna Ki

Walter Benjamin's essay The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, published in 1935 while he was in exile in Paris, is perhaps best known for its afterword and the thesis that fascism aestheticizes politics (more precisely: war), while communism politicizes art. However, his other ideas, formulated like the program of a manifesto, are still hotly debated in literary, cultural, film and art studies to this day. The current exhibition AURA at galerie probst in collaboration with ARTCO Gallery Berlin aims to transport this essay into a contemporary context and explore the tension between art that cannot be reproduced and art that does not exist without its technical reproduction.


– the shapes of paper –

May Carro Cabaleiro, Udo Nöger, Leon Manoloudakis,
Katja Pudor, Fu Xiaotong

Opening 6 September 2024

In the group exhibition Metamorphosis , galerie probst presents five artists with their very different creative works on and with paper.

Fu Xioatong, 24,960 holes, 60 x 50 cm, handmade rice paper 2018
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