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For May Carro Cabaleiro, light plays a fundamental role in her works of art. 

So that the light rays can penetrate the work of art naturally, integrate themselves and make the work of art shine in a special way, it is essential to make the carrier material appear invisible. Therefore, May Carro Cabaleiro developed her own paper and a unique carrier board made of a transparent, synthetic material that is tailored precisely to her works. May Carro Cabaleiro's works appear in monochrome color palettes, which she varies in phases in her large and small format works. Using a broad brush stroke, May Carro Cabaleiro applies the finely tuned, highly pigmented colors in varying numbers of layers. In the process of painting, May Carro Cabaleiro is guided almost exclusively by herself, falling into a meditative state that allows her to paint from an inner calm and strength. 

“Every day has a different color.”

May Carro Cabaleiro


EXHIBITION The art of lightness through reduction."The Essence of Things".

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