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exhibition Luma, Stefan Reiss 2024

Stefan Reiss has been working on his archive “X” since 2010, which now includes over a thousand digital and analog drawings, paintings, sculptures and installations.

“Basically, my work for the archive “X” - in addition to the theme of multidimensional transformation - is about a very formal examination of simple, geometric elements, such as the straight line. When the first drawings were created, the main aim was to limit the artistic means and to restrain oneself in expression. What’s interesting is that these simple elements can still create complex spaces and worlds and are not limiting at all.” Stefan Reiss.

Stefan Reiss' digital drawings form the original starting point for his research into transformation into other media. They consist exclusively of straight lines and are translated in various, complex steps from the digital file, which requires a form of screen for visualization, into paintings, sculptures and installations and vice versa: The transformation from virtual to real space are not linear translations in one direction , but rather multidimensional, mutually stimulating processes that result in a reorganization of both spaces. Stefan Reiss creates intermedial, interdisciplinary works of art in which both worlds not only coincide

connect, initiate and overlap, but also contradict and repel.

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