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Gama's broad spectrum of his figurative, landscape-like motifs is characterized by incredible power of imagination and expression. GAMA lures us into a fantastic environment with fairytale-like creatures who undergo strange transformations in his pictures, just like the vastness of his landscapes. Nothing in his pictures is left to chance. All picture elements have a meaning. Behind a supposed visual clarity lie encrypted symbols, humorous irritations and complex messages.

Some elements emerge from Gama's biography, which is shaped by the complex cultural, religious and academic influences that he experienced on his way from Mongolia to China to Germany. Other image elements are not apparent. Now has to do with theser the artist himself the “keys: “Only I have the key to my pictures and sometimes I unlock them. My pictures are an invitation to experience new, nameless spaces. Hihe meets the known with the unknown. The characters appearing in it are a kind of representation. I can't say exactly whether they only represent me or also represent other people...

... in any case, these figures have very bad - how can you say - very bad ... I'll put it this way, some of the characters in the picture, that's me."  Gama


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