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Dana László da Costa expresses her artistic work through textiles. The artist uses the colors and shapes of nature to reflect and address the themes of her native Latin America. Many of the colors used in her works are dyed with plants from this continent.

With the colors and pigments, the artist expresses the diversity of her place of origin and inspiration. Through the works she creates, she wants to show the importance of nature and its memories, which are absorbed by the dyes and preserved in the colors of her works.

Furthermore, he is inspired by the inexhaustible variety of ideas and aesthetics of nature. To do this, the artist photographs them like a painter uses his sketchbook. Many of his works resemble cross-sections of an ancient tree trunk. His homage to the “works of art of nature” is evident in his works.


Francois du Plessis searches for materials through flea markets, antique shops and estates. He carefully chooses which books he will use. The literary content of the books is of no interest to him. 

He is more interested in the colors, shapes and material of the books.

She has been studying textile arts at the Burg Giebichenstein University in Halle since 2015 and has been a master student there since 2022. With the help of the tufting machine, she creates textural and colorful collages that are not unlike tapestries. In her silk paintings, too, the artist looks for ways to show the diverse nature of her homeland and her memories, which are preserved through the colors in her works. She has already exhibited in various cities, including Leipzig, Hamburg, Antwerp and now for the first time in Berlin. In 2018 she received the DAAD Prize for outstanding achievements by foreign students.

Stefan Reiss, OT682, galerie probst Berlin
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